Our aim at Jireh School is to provide a quality education for students founded on a Biblical world view and based on sound Christian principles. The school has a rich curriculum that covers all learning areas and prepares our students to face the challenges of the 21st century. 

Experienced and professional staff are committed to teaching children as individuals and encouraging them to reach their full potential.


Friday 17 February - every week for 8 weeks.  Last lesson 7th April

Family BBQ

Friday 24 Friday

Corbans Estate Arts Centre - Kowhai + Titoki 

Monday 27 February

Parents Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 28 February

Y6 Student Leadership Day

Wednesday 1 March

Y6 Leaders - Tree Adventures Trip

Thursday 2 March

Corbans Estate Arts Centre - Rata + Pohutukawa

Monday 6 March

Cricket Blitz - Kowhai, Puriri, Totara + Rimu

Every Thursday from 9 March

ACS Touch Rugby Tournament

Tuesday 14 March

Museum Trip - Puriri, Totara + Rimu

Monday 20 March

Museum Trip - Rata, Pohutukawa, Titoki + Kowhai

Tuesday 21 March

Marae Visit

Wednesday 29 March

Pop-Up Globe Trip - Year 5 + Year 6

Monday 3 April

Mufti Day

Friday 7 April

Parent/Teacher Interviews - school closes 2pm
Monday 10 April

Parent Meeting

Tuesday 11 April


Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 April

Term 1 ends Thursday 13 April

Term 2:  1 May - 7 July