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School Costs

School Costs

2024 Attendance dues are $2132 per year, and we request a special character donation of $636 per year.

Total costs are $2768 per year per student.

Upon acceptance, a new family to the school is requested to make a one-off donation of $350 to assist with school development that is taking place.

The Board reserves the right to review any costs and will notify parents, in writing, of any change.

Attendance Dues


Jireh Christian School is a state integrated school. The NZ Christian Proprietors’ Trust (NZCPT) is the Proprietor of Jireh Christian School and of a growing family of like-minded schools throughout the country. There are currently eight schools for which NZCPT is Proprietor and their vision is to expand the provision of quality, state-integrated Christian schooling in New Zealand.  The term ‘Proprietor’ means that Jireh Christian School’s official dealings with the Government are managed by NZCPT in terms of our legal obligations as a state integrated school. The official integration agreement which secures the school’s right to operate as a state school with its own special character is held between NZCPT and the government (“The Crown”).  As local communities of Christians who recognise the value of Christian education, NZCPT schools share a vision to work together to ensure Christian schooling survives and thrives.

The Board of NZCPT includes representatives from the Christian schooling sector throughout the country and schools that are integrated with NZCPT participate in electing representatives to the NZCPT Board.  In its role as Proprietor, NZCPT is responsible for collecting the money families pay to attend Jireh Christian School.  For more information about NZCPT, please visit

The Proprietors own the land and buildings and safeguard our special distinctiveness as a Christian School. Operational funding is received from the Government by the same formula as applied to state schools and recognizes that the school is responsible for its own capital development and ensuing debt. To meet the debt the Ministry of Education allows the school to charge attendance dues and gives approval for the Attendance Dues.

As we are an integrated school, the Government does not fund any property development at the school. The Attendance Dues enable the Proprietors to carry out on-going and much needed property development and maintenance. Without it we wouldn’t have a school. Therefore, the payment of the Attendance Dues is a condition of entry and a condition of continued enrolment. The money goes directly to the Proprietors. Attendance Dues for 2024 are $2132 including GST per annum. 

Special Character Donation

We also request a Special Character Donation of $636 per annum which allows us to provide personnel and resources in line with our special character. This is not funded by the Ministry.  Although it is not compulsory it is absolutely vital to our survival. Not only does it provide resources to implement the ‘Christian worldview’ (Special Character) in all we do, but it also ‘adds value’ to such things as Information Technology developments, subsidizing programmes, providing additional staffing and resources, and developing initiatives in sport, art, and cultural activities.  This tax-deductible Special Character Donation is the only contribution that the school receives from Parents/Caregivers.

School Development Donation

To ensure that there are facilities that will provide for enhanced teaching and learning in line with our desire to provide top quality Christian education, we request a once only donation of $350 from each new enrolling family.

Additional Activity Costs

Further costs are incurred for sports, trips, workshops, visits, and other activities to enrich learning, and for items students make and take home.


For each student:

Attendance Dues

Special Character




$  636.00



$   533.00

$  159.00

$   692.00


$   177.67

$    53.00

$   230.67


$     82.00

$    24.47

$   106.47


(52 weeks)

$     41.00

$    12.24

$     53.24


Payable upon acceptance:

$533 Attendance Dues (one term in advance)


$159 Special Character Donation (one term in advance)

$350 School Development Donation once off per family


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