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Jireh Christian School Curriculum

Jireh Christian School has a Special Character which has its roots firmly grounded in a biblical worldview philosophy which informs the curriculum content and practice. This is a unique Christian community of learning made up of students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Students travel to Jireh Christian School from a number of suburbs within a 50-km radius. Jireh Christian School has a wonderful history and well-established traditions which have come from two Christian communities of learning; Immanuel Christian School began in June 1986 as a private school on the current campus. Jireh School began as a home schooling endeavour in Kumeu, then developed into a small private school in 2000 operating out of the Kumeu Baptist Church. The school became state-integrated in 2006 as a satellite of KingsWay School. In 2009 the school outgrew the Baptist Church facilities and moved to Henderson, leasing land from Laidlaw college. Jireh School gained stand-alone status as a full primary at the start of 2018. Immanuel and Jireh have become one school with the unique opportunity of sharing expertise, resources and communities to form a new community of learning in Avondale. Jireh Christian School has strong community values. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the life of the school as much as possible. They are invited to contribute their thoughts and ideas in order to promote partnership and excellence within the school.

The school community is made up of a wide range of cultures. Each culture is valued and respected. The students at Jireh are encouraged to engage in their own culture and that of others in order to enhance the building of healthy and respectful communities. The students are presented with opportunities to serve and reach out to those in need locally and internationally. The curriculum reflects this inclusive and outward focussed approach where the value of the individual is nurtured and developed, finding significance in servant leadership. Curriculum design and review is an ongoing, cyclic process. This document, printed in 2017 will be revised again in 2020.

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Jireh Christian School Curriculum 2021

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