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International Students

Welcome to our International enrolments information page. Much of the culture, programs and spirit of Jireh Christian School can be found through browsing our website, which we warmly welcome you to do.

These documents will give you a good understanding of our school procedures regarding International students:

Information Book (International Student)

International Students Accommodation Policy

International Students Enrolment & Fee Protection Policy

International Students Refund Conditions Policy

International Students Group Students Policy

Should you wish to submit an enrolment application, please print the 7. Enrolment Checklist (International Student) and the following three sections and post or email the completed forms to the Jireh Christian School office:

1. Application for Enrolment Form (International Student)

2. Information Form (International Student)

3. Agreement to Provide Tuition Services between JCS and the Applicants

The following forms are to be completed and returned, with the above, if relevant:

4. Indemnity Document for a Student living with a Designated Caregiver

5. Parental Agreement re Appointed Residential Caregiver

15. International Student Designated Appointed Caregiver Agreement




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