Attendance Fees:

This money must not, by law, be used for school operations = $480 per term per student.
The New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT) is the Proprietor of Jireh School and of a growing family of like-minded schools throughout the country.  There are currently eight schools for which NZCPT is Proprietor and our vision is to expand the provision of quality, state-integrated Christian schooling in New Zealand.
The term 'Proprietor' means that Jireh School's official dealings with the government are managed by NZCPT in terms of our legal obligations as an integrated state school.  The official integration agreement which secures the school's right to operate as a state school with its own special character is held between NZCPT and the government ("The Crown").
As local communities of Christians who recognise the value of Christian education, NZCPT schools share a vision to work together to ensure Christian schooling survives and thrives.
The Board of NZCPT includes representatives from the Christian schooling sector throughout the country and schools that are integrated with NZCPT participate in electing representatives to the NZCPT board.
In its role as Proprietor, NZCPT is responsible for collecting the money families pay to attend Jireh School.
For more information about NZCPT and its activities, please visit nzcpt.com.

Activity Fees:

Jireh School is a busy hive of activity and we are aware that we are sending home permission slips and requests for payment for various activities quite regularly.
To streamline the process we would like to advise that this year we will send home a letter at the beginning of each term informing you of the Activity Fee for that term. This fee will include whole school activities/trips/sports and workshops but not small group events or sport activities.

CLICK HERE to view and download the current activity fee form and payment slip for this term.

School Donations towards School Operations:

Donations help fund the shortfall between the funding provided by the MOE and the funding needed to maintain the school's quality of education, with it's essential and distinctive Christian character. The school donations are comparable to donations sought from parents by state schools towards their operating costs $159 per term per student A/c 12-3084-0192348-000.

For any enquiries please contact Sharon Chapman or Rolene Combrinck on:
Tel / Fax: 09 836 6913 or Cell Phone: 02108538662
Email: administration@jireh.school.nz